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Carved Stone

Curbing starts here

Several factors determine the cost of your curbing, this includes linear footage, size of curb, colors, stamping, carving, and property issues.  Please look through all our options and decide what you want your curb to look like and your budget.


 Slant Style -  $7.00 ft. - Most popular

 4X6 Square style $8.50 ft

 6X6 block curb - $10.00 ft. - Commercial


You can add a color to any curb regardless of size or shape.  If you look at our primary color chart there are several shades to choose from.  The color is mixed with the concrete and after it is finished is sealed with a high gloss acrylic concrete seal
$1.00 ft

By adding reinforcing cable to your curb, you eliminate curb separation and curb misalignment for the life of the curb. Most commonly used on hilly terrain or unstable ground.
$1.00 ft

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