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At Pro Curb we offer many colors, textures and curbing profiles to suit your style and needs. Extreme Curbing can take care of all your cement curbing needs including residential driveway curbing, landscape curbing / edging and commercial parking lot curbs. Visit our projects page to view some amazing finished work.


Our cement curbs add curb appeal to driveways, walkways, gardens, and pools as well as adding value to your home. Our curbs are a continuous piece of concrete mixed onsite and can be any color of your choice. We have many different cement curb designs to choose from. Our mixes are mixed perfectly with the proper sand, concrete and additives to provide you with a strong and long-lasting product. Installation is clean and most jobs can be completed in just one day. Our custom cement curbs will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. We can also finish your landscaping and add sod, rocks, trees, shrubs, flowers and more to make your concrete curbs stand out!

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